Report a problem with noise and nuisances

A noise or nuisance is where the actions of another are unreasonable and cause a substantial interference to the use and enjoyment of a resident’s property or are prejudicial to health.

Complaints can only be investigated when you are affected at home. If you are affected at work report this to your health and safety representative.

You must read the guidance on the noise and nuisances page before making a report.

Details of problem

Please note: ensure you tell us as much detail as possible, including how long has it been happening, what time of day, how often, what is the impact, what is the source of the problem (business/residential), what have you tried to do about it, and have you complained before or to another organisation about it.

Contact details

Please note: for legal reasons we cannot accept anonymous complaints as these cannot be investigated due to the following:
  • The council has a duty to remain impartial when investigating allegations of statutory nuisance, this is not possible without dialogue with the complainant
  • Without knowing the address affected it is impossible determine whether the alleged nuisance is causing a material inconvenience to the complainant within their own home/property
  • The council would not be able to prove whether the alleged nuisance was a ‘state of affairs’ as without a complainant the council would not have details of the dates, times, and duration of the issue
  • Witnessing the issue would be almost impossible, as officers would not know the most appropriate time to attend. Log sheets provide the intelligence on when to witness the issue
  • Any breach of notice would be unenforceable as either we would not know about it at the time it was happening and/or we would not be able to establish the effect on the complainant