Secondary school admissions appeal form

This appeal form is for a Peterborough Community or Voluntary Controlled School only.

For Voluntary Aided, Foundation Schools or Academies please contact the schools directly for details of their appeal arrangements.
School details

Child's details

If you have answered “Yes” to either of the above you must immediately contact the Admission Team on 01733 864007.

If you have answered “Yes” above could you please provide medical evidence in the form of a Hospital and/or Consultant Report with the application.
Sibling details

Parent / guardian/ carer details

If you are moving house
If you are in the process of moving house and this forms part of the reason for your appeal, you should forward the proof of exchange of contracts or tenancy agreement for the new address to the Clerk to the Panel as soon as possible.

Reasons for appeal
You must give your reasons or your case cannot be processed. (Please provide written evidence wherever possible)

· Give full reasons for your appeal and please continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

· Attach any additional paperwork securely.

I understand that an Independent Appeal panel will hear my appeal,. Which I have the right to attend. I certify that the information I have given on this Appeal Form is correct. I understand that any false or deliberately misleading information on this Appeal Form and/or in any supporting documentation or other information may render this appeal invalid or lead to any offer of a place being withdrawn.