Application for Small Business Rate Relief

Please ensure you have read the important small business rate relief information before completing this form.

·         Where a partnership exists a partner must complete and submit the application

·         Where a Trust is liable the form must be completed and submitted by an appointed trustee

·         Where a corporate body is liable then an appointed director must complete and submit the form

·         In any other case the form can be completed and submitted by a person duly authorised to do so on behalf of the ratepayer

Business Details

Enter numbers only i.e. 12000

This is a 9 digit number starting with '10' and can be found on your bill or other correspondence from us

PLEASE NOTE - This should be the date you first occupied the property. From the 1st October 2017 the earliest date you can apply from is 1st April 2017.

Business Contact Details

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About the Person Completing This Form 

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Privacy Statement

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For more information then please see our privacy notice on who we may work with and how we may use your data. It can be viewed online at  or a copy is available at all council offices.