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Service overview

Our Emergency Support for Carers Service is in place to help carers of adults if an emergency arises.  It can offer peace of mind by providing a service during such unplanned events as:  

·         A carer being admitted to hospital or having other urgent health needs;

·         There being a family emergency (for example, if a close relative is taken ill);

·         There being a risk to the carer’s employment on a particular occasion; or

·         A carer needing to attend the funeral of a close friend or relative.

The purpose of this service is to arrange temporary replacement care for someone who is dependent on a carer for providing ‘necessary care’.  All carers can apply to register, however, to be deemed as providing ‘necessary care’ the tasks performed must be those that the adult could not do themselves without support.  If a carer is providing care for an adult who is capable of providing for themselves, then they may not be providing ‘necessary care’. 


Please note that if the adult being cared for is not known to Adult Social Care, an assessment of their needs may need to be carried out for contingency purposes.

Application overview
On receipt of the completed application form, carers who are eligible for the service will receive a unique reference number and card, along with details about accessing the service in the event of an emergency. The service is for a maximum of 48 hours (longer if the emergency happens over a bank holiday or weekend period) and, for those in eligible circumstances, support is free of charge. The service will normally take place in the home of the adult being cared for.

After a maximum for 48 hours (or 72 hours over a bank holiday or weekend period), respite placement in a nursing home may be considered if a carer is unable to resume their caring role. Before any action is taken discussions will take place between a Social Worker, the adult being cared for and their family to work out the best way to continue care whilst a carer is temporarily unavailable.

If further support is needed (for example, if a carer is long-term sick) the case can be referred to the Community Team. Again, in consultation with the adult being cared for and their family, temporary support and/or services may be provided until such time as a carer is in a position to recommence their caring role. Please note that our usual charging policy, including financial assessment, will apply.

If you need any assistance completing this application, please contact either:

Peterborough City Council
Adult Social Care
Care Service Delivery
Peterborough City Council
PO Box 1324
Telephone: 01733 747474

Carers Trust (Peterborough)
Thorpe Hall Hospice
Thorpe Road
Telephone: 01733 645234
Peterborough City Council is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Peterborough City Council's full privacy policy is available on the Peterborough City Council website, including the data you enter into our online forms. 

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For office use only
Carers Registration Number (Database ID):

Your details (as the Carer)


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Details of the person being cared for


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Details of the person being cared for (cntd)

e.g. District Nurse, Day Care Service
Who would help out in the case of an emergency, for example, during that day or overnight? 

(Please remember to make sure that you have family/friends/neighbours permission to include their details and list them in the order that they should be contacted)

What support do you provide for this person 
(e.g. washing, dressing, keeping them safe, reminding them to do things for themselves)? 
Please tell us if equipment is used (e.g. a hoist)

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Details of the person being cared for (cntd)

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Details of the person being cared for (cntd)

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Additional information

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Details submitted within this document need to be updated by the carer at least every 12 months, or sooner if circumstances change. Please send updated details, quoting your unique reference number, to:
  • Emergency Support Service
    Freepost RTCH-TLLZ-JGEC
    Peterborough City Council
    Town Hall
    PE1 1FA
You may be requested to complete a new form if the changes are substantial.

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