Application for Disabled Relief on Council Tax

Council Tax (Reduction for Disabilities) Regulations 1992

Qualifying Conditions
Are any of the following facilities provided in your property as it is required for meeting the needs of any qualifying individual. Please refer to the information at the top of the page for guidance on the terms used.

Applicant Details (this is normally the person who is liable for Council Tax)

Begins with a "5" and can be found on your Council Tax Bill

Details of Disabled Person

Declaration by Applicant

I declare the information given on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and I have no objections to

Peterborough City Council making enquiries to determine my entitlement to Disabled Relief.


I understand that I must inform Peterborough City Council immediately during the period for which Disabled Relief is

granted should there be any changes in circumstances which may affect my entitlement.

You do not qualify for disabled relief on Council Tax. 
Please email for more information.

Privacy Statement

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For more information then please see our privacy notice on who we may work with and how we may use your data. It can be viewed online at  or a copy is available at all council offices.