Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Change of Circumstances form

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Please note that at the moment this form cannot be used to notify a change of address within Peterborough or if you are moving to Peterborough and wish to claim benefit for the first time in our area.
We are in the process of improving the forms to allow this, but in the meantime please download the PDF of the change of address form for moves within Peterborough, or if you are new to the area please complete the full online claim form.
If you are moving outside the area and wish to notify us to end your claim you can use this form - please select 'Other' as the type of change . Please include all relevant details within the text box.


Your Details


Begins with a 2 and can be found on any letter we've sent you

Change Details

We will need to see proof of this - please refer to the 'additional documentation' section below

Additional Documentation required for this change

If the information is required and not provided this may cause a delay in the processing of your change. 

Please tick which evidence you will be providing and see the information below on how to provide this. If there are no options listed, please add in the box below what evidence you will be submitting to support this change.

If required, childcare cost form can be downloaded here: https://www.peterborough.gov.uk/council/benefits/benefits-forms/

Information on sending evidence/documents


If you have evidence/documents to send us please email these to benefits@peterborough.gov.uk after submitting this form. Please put your benefit claim number in the subject heading (this begins with a '2' and can be found on any letter we send to you)



Please read this declaration carefully before you submit this form.

I understand the following:

  • That I am responsible for the information supplied on this form.
  • If the information supplied within this form and evidence given in support of it is false, misleading, incorrect or incomplete, the council may take action against me, which could result in me being prosecuted in court.
  • That I may be asked to repay any overpaid benefit as a result of false misleading, incorrect or incomplete information supplied on this form OR as a result of not declaring a change of circumstance that might affect my entitlement to benefit, without prejudice.
  • You may use any information I have provided to process my claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support or both. You may check some of the information with other sources within the council and other councils.
  • You may use any information I have provided in connection with this and any other claim for the Department for Work and Pensions benefits that I have made or may make. You may give some information to other government organisations if the law allows this.
  • Where I am already in receipt of Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate and this change now entitles me to another one of these benefits, please treat this form as my intention to claim.

Privacy Statement

Peterborough City Council abides by the principles of data protection and information is collected, processed and stored in compliance with data protection legislation.

For more information then please see our privacy notice on who we may work with and how we may use your data. It can be viewed online at https://www.peterborough.gov.uk/council/council-data/corporate-privacy-notice/  or a copy is available at all council offices.